What is Guided Imagery and Music?

Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a music centred therapy that uses specific western classical music to evoke images, feelings, memories and sensations in a deeply relaxed stated of consciousness. Exploring and processing your imagery with a trained GIM therapist can lead to healing on many levels.

Sessions include verbal counselling, meditation, and a music listening experience. Your session may also include mandala drawing, journaling with music, and other therapeutic process exercises – as guided by you. No previous experience with music or art is required to benefit from GIM.

Why are sessions free?
As an Advanced Trainee through the Association for Music & Imagery, Maryann is required to provide a limited number of free sessions to fulfill practical training requirements.

Am I a candidate for free sessions?
Volunteer clients must be at least 18 years old, and have the mental stability/orientation to differentiate between reality and fantasy worlds. Clients receive one free session and may or may not continue a series of sessions after assessment. Please contact Maryann to find out if GIM could be a good fit for you.

Where do sessions happen and how long does a session take?
In-office, in-home and online (after in person assessment) sessions are available, with required Covid-19 precautions. Sessions generally last 90-120 minutes.

Where can I learn more about Guided Imagery and Music?
More information can be found by visiting the Association for Music & Imagery.