Embe Music Therapy provides professional Music Therapy services virtually/online for clients across Canada. In-home and onsite services are provided to clients in the Greater Victoria area. Clients are not required to have any musical knowledge or skill to receive and benefit from Music Therapy.

Dementia Care & Aging Conditions

Music Therapy benefits the overall physical and mental health for aging seniors, and in dementia care. Studies have shown improvements in memory recall, moods & emotional states, social interactions and in non-pharmacological management of pain, discomfort and behavioural symptoms. Clients gain a better sense of control over their lives.

End of Life & Grief/Loss

Palliative care and hospice services include patient care, and grief processing for loved ones. In this setting, Music Therapy helps clients with physical symptom management (i.e. pain, nausea), life review processes and closing relationships. Music Therapy supports loved ones in their bereavement with processing intense, complex feelings that come after death.

Mental Health & Wellness

If you are struggling with mental health, going through a difficult time, life changes, or seeking personal growth – Music Therapy can help clients explore, process, and heal issues at the root source through an alternative path to traditional talk therapy. The music as co-therapist holds the client through their process offering a supportive, gentle, and validating approach to the therapy work.